How do I deleted my profile. I let my kids friend use my phone. No I have no idea how to deleted this account. Thank you for your time.

Re: @Marti:
I followed the link and it does not give instructions on deleting one's profile. I tried to login to github. I cant. Email not found. I just want to delete this account. Can anyone provide a step-by-step method. Thank you.

Re: @Funscript:

I followed the link...

Apparently you didn't read far enough. :)

To summarize... You can't delete your account here.

  1. I can ban you permanently and forever with a valid reason however the current administration policy is to leave the account on our system intact without that reason.

  2. However... if you are still concerned you may access with your current OAuth and remove the OpenUserJS authentication. This has a similar effect of me banning you however if you ever, for any reason, decide to come back you may need Admin or better intervention and we will need additional verification that we currently don't have. Me banning is currently permanent on this site and may reflect negatively on your Google account at some point... You removing the OAuth key is not necessarily a permanent situation on this site and has no negative connotation with your Google account.

  3. Learn not to leave your OAuth (Google in this case) signed in constantly to avoid mishaps that you are solely responsible for.

Think carefully before you decide and I hope some of this helps.

OUJS Admin