Is it possible to change my git hub account for OUJS?
I would like to unlink my current git hub account from this OUJS account and link with another git hub account

Ask GH to rename you. It's the only way. Otherwise you get to create another OUJS account here and lose any stats.

OUJS Admin

Thank you for the quick reply.
I don't want to do anything to my GH account. I want to unlink my GH account from OUJS and link new GH account to same OUJS account.
I've revoked the access to GH from OUJS from my git hub settings but I'm not getting any option to link other GH account to OUJS even after that.
I request you to remove my github account details from OUJS server and allow me to link with another GH account if possible

Thank you

Re: @WildLion:

... It's the only way. ...

... if possible

Not possible as I already mentioned. You are out of luck at this time.

OUJS Admin