Dear @Marti,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, may I ask an account rename: Gregorius -> GregHerendi
I would have deleted and remade the account if there was an option to do so (or to remove oauth associations).

Thank you for your support,

Re: @Gregorius:

As discussed at #233 (comment) this will be your only rename and it comes with consequences.

Things you will lose:

  • Tenure on the script you posted about 5 days ago. I can save it locally including the script description and repost it. e.g. it will be posted as of the final okay from you.
  • Anyone who has rated your script... because it will be deleted and reposted
  • All script stats will be wiped and you get to start over.
  • No more renames will be allowed for this account.
  • Anyone linking to the script outside of OUJS will have a broken link... until repaired if that option is available.

Things you will keep:

  • Your account creation date.

If the final go ahead is done with a simple message, preferably on GH, but since you've already done stuff here I can migrate the comments/discussions. Just don't go on a comment spree. If you have too many the request will be denied.

Are you sure you want to do this?