hello there, i was looking to make a script for tweedeck but i don't have enought knowledge to do it.

Maybe you can put me on track or make it?

This is a small script, the idea is to display new tweets with a different background color that will return to normal after 1-2 sec (with fading effect)

something like that : enter image description here

it would be very usefull (at least to me...)

thanks you :)

Re: @LenAnderson:

thanks you much Len, i didn't know that i can achieve that using CSS, i'm trying since 48hours to get it working but unfortunately it doesn't work, i will try for another week then i will stop

*thanks you Marti too, but your reply was a bit condescendingly... ;)

Re: @cpasmoi:

i had to add -webkit. thanks you much

You are quite welcome. Glad that those exact links helped you find what you needed to do especially under "Browser Support". :)