I need something for a very specific thing on a website that I'm not even sure if it can be done. On tvmaze.com, on user watchlist pages do not display what the site terms "specials", special episodes, non-canon episodes, etc. All I need is a script that will make it so specials show in my watchlist. Not even sure if it's possible, I know literally nothing about coding.

I'm not familiar with that site. When I look at the description on this page, it definitely sounds like the watch list is oriented toward shows they recognize as a series: http://www.tvmaze.com/features

Are there other pages that have the missing information about "specials" you've watched? It's sometimes possible to pull another page in the background and insert some of its contents into the page you're currently viewing. Could be a lot of work...

I gave this a show. It's not quite there yet, but you can try out the unfinished script here:


  • only works on https://www.tvmaze.com/watchlist (not on the show-specific watch lists)
  • adds unwatched / acquired special episodes at the bottom of the episode lists (sorted ascending by date, but not placed between regular episodes)
  • only works for shows already displayed on the list (must have regular unwatched episodes); I already have the list for other shows as well but need to add the completed block with header / table / ... to the page
  • you can mark them unwatched / watched / skipped / acquired