This is an official answer to my question: "Pinterest does not have a feature that allows users to download directly from the site. You will need to copy each picture to your device. If you wish to suggest that Pinterest make a feature that allows a user to easily download pins, you may do so here"

I'm not developer so I will write this illustrative ;) I have always uploaded high resolution final projects to Pinterest and now unfortunally my external HD with backups died I need urgently need them for my portfolio. Please check it out here: The problem is that originals are found only in 3rd level by clicking on big pin and right click with the mouse on Show Image (example:

It would mean a world to me to get this portfolio with a single click.

Thank you!

Re: @parola:

This is an official answer to my question...

Must have missed that question here on OUJS. ;)

It would mean a world to me to get this portfolio with a single click.

That would be highly unlikely if they don't offer a download of your portfolio.

However on one image that I pulled up the thumbnail is:

... and it's corresponding high-res image seems to be:

So if you querySelectorAll the img tags you could change those nodes src attributes to the high-res image with a replace in the path you might be able to reduce your clicks with a right click save them to a folder on your new storage medium.

Kind of an annoying site always asking me to sign up too. Anyhow that appears to be the methodology for anyone willing to write and publish the script for you... however I would suggest learning at least a little bit about Userscripts at the same time so you can begin to become self sufficient and proficient with Userscripts. :)