Hi all!
Need a script that can insert a line of a text (repeatedly,from a list) in a form field and submit the form. What is all about: Definitely not for spamming. It's a TVshow website/database. And I want to fill the whole info of the show (about 3000+ episodes). Unfortunately there is no working solution how to import needed info from another site. Obviously adding every episode one by one will take enormous amount of time and that's the reason I'm asking for a help. What's in the form/page: there is a form (with other automatically prefilled fields) and all it wants from me is put the name of the episode in the right field and submit it. After that the page automatically comes back with another form (next episode) that needs to be filled (again, just one field - name) and so on. It should work with a given list of text/episodes. So after submiting first line of text, it'll insert 2nd line > submit > and over and over again untill it'll reach the end of the list. Thank you in advance!