I badly need a script or something that disables the vertical tabs with arrows on them pointing to the next and previous articles, and show up on each side of an article page at nytimes.com. The text is automatically rearranged so it fits the screen just right on my tablet, and these two tabs keep obscuring it. And I visit and read things on the site often enough that this has become a bad enough problem to look for solutions.

They don't appear on the mobile versions of the site pages, but this is an 8" tablet running Windows 10 Pro, full Office 2016, and everything else I throw at it, so it defeats the purpose to view pages in mobile mode on it, you know? 6" phones, mobile pages make sense for them.

Maybe such a thing already exists -- the Greasemonkey icon on my Firefox lights up when loading nytimes.com and lists a bunch of titles, but I haven't been able to access any of them (I sort of remember reading somewhere, maybe in the Greasefire addon notes that I also have enabled, that at least one of the sites was no longer in commission), and none of my searches at the script sites I could find turned up anything.

As a last resort, I can try to learn the necessary scripting and create one myself (I strive to be a techy), but it might be an overkill for just one (simple?) script, and might be much easier for someone who already knows how to do this.

I have an image of the problem attached here (showing the example page http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/06/business/american-apparel-files-for-bankruptcy.html), and will be happy to provide more information if needed.

Thanks very much in advance,
-- Arthur

NYT Tabs on Article

Re: @Arthur-BDR:

I don't know where the link to the problem image disappeared to,...

It's there indicated by your alt text but the server at dropbox has it return a html page with the image in it. e.g. it's a rewrite on the final target to handle it as a web page instead of an image... then there is a deep image link. Run into that a few times myself.