The Terms of Service has been updated, in particular regarding Library scripts... please review it and make the appropriate changes necessary to applicable Library scripts.

Since it is around the holidays extra time will be given to fix this but soon after some Library scripts may be removed.


Re: @Marti:

... soon after ...

"Soon after" is just around the corner. All libraries will be reevaluated tomorrowish. :)

All libraries with incomplete UserScript metadata blocks and not meeting the Terms of Service (TOS) requirement for libraries have been removed. Those users have had ~50 days to fix this. Future uploads that don't meet the basic library requirements may be subject to library removal and possibly account removal. So please abide by our TOS. Thanks.

In relation to the GDPR announcement we've clarified some existing policies already in the OUJS eco-system and mirrored to the TOS.

Please give the Fair Use Rationale section a quick read. It's short and to the point.

There may be additional clarifications for those who can't seem to understand things.

Minor change from implied to an explicit right OUJS reserves. This has been the case since day one already but clarified.