Just a quick note... GitHub was inaccessible earlier today. Everything should be okay now.

Time for another offline backup... should be about 20 minutes later this evening the 15th of April, 2017. This should give you all time to finish your taxes in the US. ;)

Going down for some server maintenance in a few minutes. I will be logging everyone off so you'll have to log back in.

Expected down time shouldn't be more than 15 minutes perhaps less.

Thanks for your patience.

To make everyone aware our VPS may schedule a reboot of our server, to handle the CPU issue everyone has been buzzing about since January'ish, at any point in which case we may be offline until the site is restarted. This is currently by design.

If I notice it is stopped then I'll restart it when the back-end stability is confirmed... if one of you does see it before me please open an issue on Development.

We haven't gotten any emails yet but there are notices saying it will probably happen.


Well they finally got around to rebooting our host... hopefully this is the only time.

In about 10 hours we need to do another snapshot of the system here... down time should be the usual of about 30 minutes to 1 hour... maybe less.

Thanks for your patience.

Backup took approximately ~35 minutes... and back online.

Sometime in the next 24 hours a backup is scheduled... not sure on the time since it's a new VPS and it might be faster or slower since it's bigger.

~13 minutes to do the maintenance... and back online. Thanks for the patience.