I am trying to add this script from github:

I have added the MIT licence to my script like that:

// @license MIT

But I am still getting : @license is not OSI primary and compatible in the metadata block(s).

I also tried removing the @license because

If absent MIT License (Expat) is implied.

But I am still getting the error.

How can I fix this? Could you please make it simple, it's really a pain to go through this to simply share a script.

Re: @Enora:

But I am still getting the error.

  • Worked for me as you in your 86eab94 as an imported script.
  • Worked for me as you in your 7386712 as a script written directly online.

Could you please make it simple....

Doesn't get any simpler. You seem to have found this Discussion so it is packed full of information.

The timing of your comment here and the commits on GH are different and do not corroborate your storyline.

If you are still having issues try a clean profile in your browser with just the Userscript engine and try again. I have removed the script from your account as you and you are free to reimport.

it's really a pain to go through this to simply share a script.

Seems like User error to me. Good luck.

Re: @Enora:

It's working now!

I'm guessing based off your timeline you may have run into the GitHub caching mechanism which would explain a failure here on importing scripts from there. e.g. their raw linkage is cached and your changes may not have propagated yet from the rapid fire source commits. In other words they will slow you down which trickles to us across the pond.

Re: @Marti:

Is there some way to specify "GPL-3.0-or-later"

This should be coming soon pending a PR upstream and some final rechecks.

Please reread the prior Re for applicable specifics. I will notify here when things are moving forward.

Unfortunately that maintainer has gone rogue so this will be delayed again pending a more secured dependency... will try again with at least one PR and if he is a team player he'll do the right thing. :)

Refactoring for non-primary @license now (ex. CC)... please be patient.

Should be complete... had to reimport an old script for some reason.