Flagging now has a reason field.

Please be courteous and remember typically when the flags hit critical Moderators and above should see that flagged item.

If any user is found to be abusing the flagging system their account may be eligible for removal... this includes bogus reports... so play nice please. :)

Everyone is encouraged to use the peer review system (voting up and voting down) and create a Script discussion Issue first. Site moderation is typically for dangerous scripts and not bugged scripts that may or may not work. If you find something that violates the TOS by all means please flag it and fill in a brief reason why you think it should be moderated.

OUJS Admin

Forgot to say all existing flags, save for a couple, have been cleared... time to start anew with why something needs to be flagged.

Ciao for now.

Reminder and recommendations for new users (and perhaps some older ones):

  1. If you flag a script, please be detailed as to why but succinct... one word explanations are not enough to arbitrate a decision and risks your account removal.
  2. If you are the source author and you do not have at least a @license key in the UserScript metadata block that states what type it is and where the text is, it also makes it more difficult to arbitrate when a report comes in externally. e.g. Even if your Userscript is proprietary and subsequently required to be offsite only you need to include a license key and point it to that license type and URL. If your offsite Userscript is "hidden" that also makes it more difficult to make any kind of decision.
  3. Please do not use flagging as a means to let us know a script is "good"... that is really not meaningful in the context of moderation. Use the up and down vote arrows if you like/dislike it that much. When you visit that scripts homepage you will see it as a darker colored arrow on how you voted for it.

Thank you for your courtesy,
OUJS Staff