xedx Author

I created my initial account, after reading the warning box and ToS, with the user name 'edlau', which is also my GitHub user name. Of course at that point I had no idea that I could not change it later nor delete my account.

I attempted to sign up again, using a different user name; it simply logs into the 'edlau' account.

What I would like to do is change my user name to 'xedx', as that is my Torn user name, and that is what all the scripts I have are for.

I have already deleted all my 'edlau' scripts from the openuserjs.org site. I have read that this is not a trivial thing to do.

To summarize:

  1. Can my account be renamed to xedx?
  2. Are multiple accounts tied to one GitHub account not possible? If it is possible, how would one accomplish that?

Thank in advance,
Ed lau aka xedx