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Re: @Marti:

When I wrote these scripts, I did not focused on minify them because I do not want keep my source code secretly.
Many comments need to be preserved in my code, since they are string (HTML blocks and CSS codes).
But UglifyJs removed them...
As the result, all HTML/CSS codes will be deleted by minification, and the script will not work totally.
I don't want to modify the source code to fit the minification, since it is too complex to do so.

Some of my scripts won't work correctly if they are minified by this feature. So, is it possible for me to disable this feature on certain script or even provide minified version myself?

Re: @TimidScript:

( After I clicked the down button, I tried to click the up button for undoing, and then the up was actived... and now i have undone it. )

the down button is just like a button for showing details of rating.
And how can i undo my rating?