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The Brain (1988)

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A couple of months ago -- Thanksgiving Day, in fact -- my TV tube blew. Being a cheapskate, I headed out the next day to my local pawn shop and picked up a 13-incher with a good picture for $80. The guy behind the counter was in a good mood, and told me to take my pick of the used $5 videos along with the TV.

Hmm. What to pick? I already have the Star Wars trilogy, and the hundred copies of Independence Day didn't appeal to me. Neither did the collected works of Chuck Norris. What movie ( the best movie review and film essays in our essay writing company) deserved to be added to my permanent collection? The Brain! Yes, the 1988 film starring David Gale of Reanimator fame.
This, I knew, was a video to save for a special day. And that day turned out to be this last Saturday, when I spent five hours under a leaky sink. I deserved it!

And it was everything I knew it would be. Gale is a psychologist who keeps a hundred-pound animate brain alive in a vat (said brain promptly grows a sharp-toothed face on the front). The Brain can take over the minds not only of the shrink's patients at his "Psychological Research Institute," but of the growing audience of the shrink's local TV show, "Independent Thinking." One teenage boy, sent to the Good Doctor for counselling after some high-school pranks, proves to be immune to the Brain's control, and finds himself on the wrong side of a town under psychic domination.

It's stunning campy '80's teen horror with a "Don't trust anyone with a high-school diploma" attitude -- the kind of Teen movie that Kevin Williamson makes his millions rehashing. And it gives deserved screen time to it's wonderfully absurd centerpiece, the pulsing, evil Brain that keeps growing, and growing, and growing...

And David Gale ends up headless in yet another movie. Who could ask for anything more?

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