slow! Author

Hi and thank you for the details.

I cannot reproduce this error and it works ok for me. H

However, I'm not sure exactly what you have setup with this script on that site, ie
what step you have taken in detail to get this error. Nor do I know what script, browser and system versions you are using.

I have reason to believe you have recorded more than one click
on the .pl webpage, is that the case? Can you choose from this
script's menu the "delete stored form data" option and try and set it up


Hi elmt,

I could try and reproduce the error you have found with a view
to fixing it if I knew:

  1. Which browser version you are using,

  2. What version of the scripts is installed and

  3. What is the exact address of the page you were visiting.

That seems reasonable but don't you think the version number or name should change to reflect that it is a branch copy, and perhaps the reason for the branch, as it is now out of date.

Not sure why this is a copy of my script, it would probably be better to have just one version.