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Ok, there not much helpful there either. I see an import from github and instructions fo the github hook, but nothing about what the repo's structure should be?

Doh! Right after posting this I went to try and update my avatar and found the resources listed under the "Add Script" link there. I'm chewing through those now. Still though, this seems like it should be easily google'able, or a pinned discussion, or a footer link, or a FAQ, or something more discover'able than that.

I have been poking around for a bit now and can't find any beginning documentation on how to share/release my userscripts here. Is there a template/boilerplate github repo I can start with? Once I'm satisfied I've got it working locally, how do I release/share it for others who may find it useful? Finally, forgive the critical tone, but why isn't this kind of documentation the next easiest thing to find after:

  1. Installing tampermonkey/etc.
  2. Finding userscripts
  3. Installing userscripts

IOW, where is?:

  • #4. Developing and releasing your userscripts with the community