mihaimorcov Author

OK, not cool but I got it. There's only one solution in this case, thank you.

It's my bad for not being as informed as I should, but what fork does ? It updates the code on my initial script page ?
I'm interested in the case where someone would copy paste the code from my page, and would post a new script from their account, but with my base code. Am I able to report that page to be removed ?

I've read the TOS but I don't fully understand. Short question, if someone copies my script from this site, and lets say he only does very few changes, as putting his own name, but abusively using my work, can I report him and have his copy removed ?

The problem seems to be the difference between your computer time and the vulcuns server time. Use a site like time.is and make sure your time is exact or behind few seconds. I'll update the script as soon as I fix it.

Please check this advice I gave here: https://greasyfork.org/en/forum/discussion/comment/19903/#Comment_19903
I'll investigate this, because I had no problems with it and I've tested version v2 for few days straight before posting it.
Please copy paste me the console log at kapaky@gmail.com. Will do the best to fix it.
PS: On greasyfork you can find the old version 1 too (https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/14315-vulcun-loot-autoclicker-streams-scan?version=91286) It will open tabs and for most people works fine.