m_s_schmitt User

OK, the quick and dirty fix works...

Change line 309 from:

var lines = request.responseText.split("\n");


var lines = request.responseText.split('"\n"');

I also added a test to make sure that it won't die on an undefined tt variable:

if (fields.length < 2) continue;

It is a parsing problem with the exported CSV.

The problem is that the Description field can contain new line characters, which the parse interprets as a new line (CSV row). So whatever follows the new line char is processed as the first field, and so on.

It skips most such lines because it only processes if the line has > 50 characters.

The problem occurs when the Description has a paragraph that is more than 50 characters long, that isn't the first paragraph.

Since that line only has a single field, any reference to the 2nd field is undefined. And when you try to take a substring of that undefined field, the script hangs. With no javascript error!

A quick fix is to continue if the line has less than 2 fields in it.

Better would be to have the parse handle new lines in the middle of a field. Maybe only split on '"\n"' -- a new line that is between a field.

I can't get it to complete the highlight refresh anymore. It hangs with 4/7 completed.

I've tried clearing the highlight data first; that doesn't help.