khzimmer Author

WOW, that's fascinating, it is working well again! :)

THX for fixing the issue who ever did it, you saved my day. :)

PS: Even stranger, the web page tells me:

"Version: 0.8.4 updated 9m ago"

but clicking the Edit Script link again would show me the code of old 0.8.3 version.

Hi guys,

might it be that online edit is broken again?

I try editing my MKv5Beautifier script:

  • Version 0.8.3 is shown in the editor.
  • I replace the code lines by the new ones, that should become version 0.8.4.
  • After clicking the Submit Code button it takes a while ... and then the EDITOR is shown again, but it still shows me the old version 0.8.3

(in previous weeks I did a lot of such code updates, all went fine, but today smth seems to hang)


Any help appreciated, thanks for reading!

Cheers from Heidelberg