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The icon requires authentication with my companies intra-net it seems. I replaced it with a data-url and could now successfully load the script.

Thanks for the immediate solution ... you're really quick!

BTW: You can re-enable the check, now that I've learned what caused the problem. Maybe you can add some error-message to point the user to the broken @icon URL?

Hi Marti,

I was fighting with the correctly formatted license header the other day. Now I found a way to pacify those warnings, but instead the import from GH just responds with (translated to English):

Error: secured connection failed
Connection to server reset while loading the page.
- The website cannot be displayed, as authenticity cannot be validated.
- Contact the owner of the website to inform them of the problem

further information:
O Report errors to Mozilla to help identify and block fraudulent websites
try again

I tried chromium and rekonq but did not succeed either.

My repository is at:
If you could please have a look?

Also uploading the file directly from hdd or pasting the script contents into the editor here did not work for me.

I even tried to publish my headers with a single hello-world line, but could not get anything through.

Following error only goes away on deactivation of this gm-script.

After login was successful and an up-to-date cookie takes over authorization, outlook works even with the script enabled.

It was working fine with the previous release.


something went wrong
Sorry, we can't get that information right now. Please try again later. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.

X-ClientId: GHL9 - UEKA - S9QA - SY9YYQG
X-OWA-Error: ClientError;exMsg=$.cookie is not a function;file=_a.$2D.$221@
X-OWA-Version: undefined
X-BEServer: undefined
Date: 27.02.2017 07:43:59

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