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Thank you
The reason I asked was that I was not sure. :)

So far, after testing & checking config.xml, what I understood is that:

  • If there is no updateURL & downloadURL, GM logs the install URL as the downloadURL
    GreasyFork intentionally removes updateURL & downloadURL from all scripts
  • MonkeyGuts seems to have adapted both (ie *.meta.js?c & *.user.js?c) (although the site is heavily dependant on client site scripting)
  • OUJS doesn't alter the updateURL & downloadURL

To be very honest, I cant make up my mind.
I have seen a few scriptwriters that use github as their permanent private repository. I dont know how practical it is..but I have to find a permanent home

PS. The Comment count in this section includes the original post ie after the first post is made, it says comments 1. Other systems count comments after the initial posts.
PS2. View Source is a dead end..there is no back button or link to get back to the script's main page ie for install (have to use browser's back facility)


So far, there is no news of and no idea if it is going to come back or not.

I was wondering, how would @updateURL & @downloadURL work here?

Does OUJS send the meta data for the update?
Does GM accepts the update from OUJS?

I looked at a few of the script at OUJS but most had their downloadURL pointed elsewhere.

Thank you