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I wrote my own userscript (Convert Youtube Embeds to Image Links) based on this script, and added some crucial features you might like to add to your own. Mainly it adds support for dynamically injected videos after pageload. All the other stuff isn't needed for a pure text-link, so you can disregard all that. The important stuff is in the MutationObserver, but I also rewrote the majority of the code.
Make use of it, or not, it's up to you. But now you know :-)

Re: @vitae:

I figured I had to make the highlighters reset whenever the settings are saved, to reduce the storage needed. Otherwise it could get messed up with time. I did however add a disclaimer about it beneith the textarea.
I'll sort it out some time in the future, def.
(I'll go ahead and close this issue, thanks for reporting!)

Re: @vitae:

Also, and this is just to be sure, you're sure that the links that disappeared should acctually show? I wrote it so they automatically hide when they don't fit a category, but the any one be there always, yes. I'm sure I'm overthinking this, I just can't figure out where and what the error is... :-P

Re: @vitae:

I just realized, the images suggest that the issue may have something to do with the CSS. If you know how, could you try and manually replace the installed one with this (current) css file?

Something could have happened during an earlier upgrade, that didn't download the new file correctly...

The easiest way in Firefox is to open the right folder with Addons Manager > User Scripts > Torrentz All-in-One 2.8.3 (right-click -> Show containing folder), then replace tz-aio-style-2.css with the css file you downloaded from my site...

Re: @vitae:
Issue recieved :-/ I added this issue to the main issue tracker #14 as well.

I can't duplicate that behaviour on my end using the latest version (2.8.3). I looked through the changelog cuz I was sure I had noticed this problem earlier and fixed it, but apparently I must have fixed it without writing it down.

It should work, but if you really have the latest version installed, could you follow these steps and report back the results?

  1. Export your settings (if you can).
  2. Uninstall it completely (including all the settings *))and re-install w/ v2.8.3.
  3. Try and duplicate the errors (Don't import your old settings yet!).
  4. If you still see the issue, import your old settings and see if that makes any difference.

*) IE GreaseMonkey lets you keep the settings when uninstalling, make sure that is turned off when you install, so you get a totally fresh install w/ the new version.

Still an issue?


But could you change the width css rule for form#q into "auto" instead? It makes the body overflow and scrollbars appear.