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This is a vicious, stressful cycle, and it's time to begin putting your weekends to more productive use. Being productive during these two days off does not mean you lose your chance to relax; rather, it's about finding a balance between getting stuff done and allowing yourself some time to wind down. Here are some simple strategies to help you in your quest to become more productive over the weekend:

**1. Avoid distractions
**This step tends to be the most difficult. It takes the most self-control, but just like any habit, the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Turn off the TV, log out of Facebook, and put down your phone. These distractions, while enjoyable, are just tools we use to help us write essay help online and avoid necessary tasks. There are not many tricks to help you avoid distractions - this is something you have to do for yourself. If it helps, you can go to a coffee shop or library to work on school projects.

**2. Make a to-do list
**The first step to being productive is creating a list of projects you want to get done. List the most important or time-sensitive tasks first, then work your way to the smaller ones. After completing each task, mark it off your lists. This little act can be really rewarding. Also, if you find yourself getting distracted, you can look at your to-do list to help you refocus.

**3. Give yourself breaks
**This is the weekend, and you do deserve some down time. Let yourself work for an hour, then take a half hour walk to stretch your legs. You can even take a small power nap in between tasks to help keep yourself energized. Just be sure not to let these breaks drag out too long, and get yourself back on task after the allotted break time has ended.

**4. Create a routine
**If you are used to spending your weekends lounging around and leaving everything until the last minute, it can be a serious challenge to create a disciplined routine and stick to it. The first few weekends of a new routine may be rough, and you may find yourself sliding back into your old ways. Stick with it - pretty soon your new routine will start coming naturally to you. The more you follow this routine, and realize it is a healthy and positive addition to your weekends, the less you will try and avoid it.

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