diegokfu Author

as you guys now, some features is no more available, but somethings still work, like the giveaways auto join, the ads killer and the auto login!

do you guys will enjoy a remake??

and i forget to say, this script also try to rearch 1000 Gameplays, to give to user the "500 GamePlays" and "1000 GamePlays" Trophy

only tested on firefox, but i post the script only for me, you should not be here lol, anyway, i fixed some bugs, so, this script automatic join all non fee giveaways, automatic watch Virool videos when in the page (http://www.tremorgames.com/index.php?action=offers&tab=7), and play achievement games, and get your achievements, also get achievements take time, because the script simulate you're really playing, and congratz to found this , but you should expose this script because the Tremorgames can found this and start put some captchas, and we do not want this happening right? :c

i have to say, its i nice try, but send gifts in CSGOCardGames is already desatived.