cletusc Founder

I won't be posting the lib here on OUJS as I won't be supporting it beyond where I left it off as (and I am fine with any changes, given the attribution remains). I would prefer it to be something along these lines:

// @author Ryan Chatham (, reposted by Sonny Razzano
// @license CC-NC-SA;

Any additional stuff (MIT, etc) is fine by me, I just want to make sure both the name and license are somewhere on there.

Re: @Quackmaster:

cloneInto would work here.

var privilegedFunctions = {
    myCallback: function (event, xhr, settings) {
        console.log('myCallback works as expected!');

function myScope() {
    console.log('myScope works as expected!');

privilegedFunctions = cloneInto(privilegedFunctions, unsafeWindow, {cloneFunctions: true});