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Trying to get a script written that totals dollar values of all the items on the page based on their item number and have the total displayed under the value of every item of the same item number. Code below (there will be about 30 entries of this same code with different item numbers and dollar amount).

<td class="table-grid-cell table-grid-cell-first-row recent-billings-date" colspan="" rowspan=""><div>Dec 22 2020 18:05:16</div></td><td class="table-grid-cell table-grid-cell-first-row recent-billings-description" colspan="" rowspan=""><div><div><span class="sh-bold">Insertion Fee</span><span class=""> for item number: </span><span class="">12453466</span><span class="sh-superscript">PROMO</span></div><div><span class="">Random Text</span></div><div class="green-color"><span class="">You saved $0.10 by promo</span></div></div></td><td class="table-grid-cell table-grid-cell-first-row recent-billings-amount" colspan="" rowspan=""><span class="recent-billings-amount-bold">$0.00</span></td> 

I'd like the out put of the values to look like this:

$0.00<p>Total $10.00</p>