Styx Author

@Marti, I'd like to apologize if my previous comment made an impression as if I demand something from you. Honestly, I didn't.

I just wanted to point that "rejecting script without error text" is not only confusing, but could waste your time in tries to search a bug in wrong places. For example, I honestly thought that my case was a consequence of license enforcing rule, that's why I've posted it here.

And, of course, I (we) will be patient and will try to support and help you :)

Nevertheless, I will post issues in correct places from now on. Thanks again.

@Marti, thanks, it works now (I also removed @homepage per your recommendation).

Though, I think my case actually supports an opinion that rejecting script edit without any error text is not helpful at all.

Ok, it doesn't work.

My script has:

// @license      MIT;

Script didn't get updated, the previous version is shown instead.

I've tried to change to:

// @license      MIT

Still doesn't work.

I've removed multiple spaces:

// @license MIT

Still no luck.

I even tried to remove this key completely (it states that MIT should be applied by default) and it still doesn't work.

What should I do?

I've changed @license to MIT and updated license text in the script as well.