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You don't even have to grab an external link, you can even embed cursors directly int he script via base64:

url(), auto

I haven't officially implemented that yet, but it works.

a) Seems fixed

b) Seems fixed aswell, although the autopager button is positioned a bit awkwardly (it pushes some of the buttons down a it):

c) Also fixed :) Although I wonder, if the button is meant to make reading of the comments easier, why is it placed at the top of the page? Wouldn't it be better if the button was next to the navigation buttons (prev page, next page, etc) that get added with each loaded page?

Alright. I hope you're not getting fed up with my finding and reporting bugs ^^

Here are a few ones I've found with the newest version:

a) Once the pager has traversed all pages on "All" in galleries, it starts with the "Featured" gallery on page 1. Example:

b) Autopaging often does not start when a category is selected in favourites. Example:

c) Disable autopaging via the button, reload the page on a gallery, enable autopaging, scroll down -> It first loads an empty page, then starts paging with the first page.
I'm not sure if the autpager button is necessary in the first place, because you can just as easily temporarily disable it by disabling the script with the Greasemonkey button :)

Ok, I'll try to find some examples for you. I will open a new bug for this, so this one can be closed.

It appears to work well on the groups I tested it, thanks! :)

Awesome, seems to work again! You're good! :) Thank you so much for your work.
There's one small issue I'm noticing still, pages with the url format

Seem to not trigger paging, but pages like this:

seem to work. Not a very big problem, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Yep, that's definitely it. On pages that aren't very high, it never triggers paging. The previous version didn't have this problem

Alright, I did some investigation. Google's tracking is two-fold.

First off, there's the onmousedown stuff. This script fails to remove it sometimes, because hhe onmousedown events often get added after this userscript finishes running.

Secondly, Google replaces the real links with links pointing to, which then redirect to the real target. The Straight Google userscript fixes those, but not the onmousedown events.

Both is necessary to get true direct links.

I also have a bit of a feature request, if you don't mind :)

When a lot of page have been loaded and one accidently leftclicks on a pictures, then uses the back button, the progress is lost. Is there any way to make the browser return to (lastLoadedPage - 1) when the back button is pressed, instead of the first one? Maybe by manipulating the apparent url?


I have another report from someone who says that this script doesn't work correctly on their own favorites page when they're logged in. When scrolling down, the script starts loading and the page buttons disappear, but it then becomes stuck forever.

It seems once this script has started loading additional pages, it won't stop until all of them are loaded. If there is a lot of content, this can slow the browser down a lot.