Joeviocoe Author

Re: @zoocey:

Disqus is embedded into hundreds of websites. So it is difficult to impossible to taylor this script for each. Which is why I opt to view forum comments on the Disqus site, and just subscribe to individual sites to get updates. Everything is easier to just stay on Disqus.

But try adding this to the end of the function 'expandComments' at about line 70:
$('#dsq-2').contents().find(".load-more").each(function() { $(this).children().get(0).click(); });

then add this to the header of the script
// @include*

You will see why most browsers will not allow this. In chrome the error is:
"Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'contentDocument' property from 'HTMLIFrameElement': Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "". "

This is because you should not allow javascript to run across domains. If you disable this, the internet becomes even more dangerous.