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One of the useful things of a site where users often discus technical issues is an Edit feature for comments. Currently there doesn't appear to be that feature, and it means a user has to either add another reply, or not at all.

Would be great if this feature could be implemented, as many would find it useful.

Actually I find the new layout nice. There was a WIP version which was orange and had Install buttons next to search results IIRC (and nicer fonts) which I liked possibly more, but generally it seems to be heading in the right direction.

As for the OP, only two things really stood out for me. I find authenticating via a third-party service such as OpenID perfectly reasonable - and countless other great community sites do the same. The odd thing I found though was I now only have to type in my username and it authenticates me (must be some cookie?), kind of odd.

The second thing is I agree the Discuss sub-forums could be better named, but it's hardly a deal breaker ;)


Re: @Marti:

  • GM version: 1.15 (Firefox v28)
  • Other addons are updating regularly
  • Haven't tried clean profile
  • Version value of Youtube Center in the config.xml is '2.1.4'
  • Do you mean edit config.xml and make YT Center an earlier version in the file?
  • Secure updates are checked (on) in GM
  • Not running any proxying or filtering software

Hmm perhaps GH is having some growing pains too.

Wonder if this affects anyone else with hosted scripts there.

Well no updates still. Had hoped it would update itself from Github, but nothing. If it can't update from Github it's unfortunate for users who install from the OUJS site, although from the above description it sounds like it shouldn't make any difference where it's DL'd from.

Re: @Marti:

Huh, strange. I'm using GreaseMonkey, so from what you've described it seems that GM should auto-update from github instead. I know it did for scripts from, so perhaps it's just the checking interval?

Thanks for the info either way, do hope it updates itself.

Not sure if it's just me, but I've noticed update banners from YoutubeCenter for version 2.1.5, when I'm on v2.1.4.

Shouldn't the userscript auto-update from this site, or is it different from