Ezalias Author

Visiting an image-page on supported sites will automatically redirect to the image. Your browser needs the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey extension installed. That add-on will use this script when you are on certain sites: for example, SafeBooru.com or InkBunny.net.

This script is not interactive. You do not have to open anything with it. It does not place new things on any website. If Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey is installed then it should work on its own - but only on specific websites.

I apologize for not listing the websites in the description. This script was suddenly deleted and had to be added again. A list of supported sites now appears on the description. For more sites and newer script versions, please use Greasy Fork: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/4713-eza-s-image-glutton

What is the purpose of permanently barring a script name instead of a script's contents? You don't sound shy about removing entire accounts, so it can't have much use for spam prevention. I can still re-upload the corrected script, now that I've been informed what was wrong with it. (Uploading from a file still does not work, by the way. Firefox Developer Edition 38.0a2 (2015-03-10), useragent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0. Didn't work in normal FF 32.x either. Or Chrome v.whatever-Chrome-silently-updated-to-in-March.) It's both draconian and ineffective, unless the goal was to mildly annoy authors.

I thought I had read and abided by it. I say this not to excuse the oversight, but to explain that the length of time spent in violation isn't relevant, because I was not cognizant that there was an oversight to correct. Such a mistake, once made, could not have been corrected before someone pointed it out to me. The first indication of error from my perspective was three hours ago - after you escalated from an indication to deletion. (Does this "permanent removal" intentionally prevent me from uploading a corrected version, or is that an upload issue worth discussing?) From a user perspective, one of my scripts simply disappeared without explanation or any indication of wrongdoing.

You are correct that I don't know how to use the message system. There does not appear to be any global message indicator in the header, the footer, or my user page. If there's an FAQ page, I can't find that, either. There's a Comments tab in my user page - but it shows messages I wrote instead of messages written to me. I have literally no idea how I was supposed to see your message about the now-deleted script unless I happened to click on your user page.

(An aside regarding the word "unsecured" - I meant in the sense of a high cliff without a guard rail, not in any network-security sense. I almost clicked that big bright Delete Script button on multiple occasions, which is why I considered accidental self-deletion as a plausible scenario in the first place.)

I cannot begin to guess what your definition of professional etiquette excludes, when you yourself include smiley-faces with your threats of summary account deletion. I've done my best to explain my problems in a civil manner conducive to mutual improvement. If that's not polite enough then so be it.

... what?

What hyperactive timeframe did you expect me to respond within? I updated those scripts last-thing yesterday and one was completely gone when I woke up! I don't even check this site every single day. There's no global indicator for comments, either, so I'd have to individually check each of my script's pages just to see that an issue exists. If I hadn't made this thread, I would never have known you'd left a comment, since I can't get to the Issues page of the script, because the script's page has been deleted. Meanwhile the other two scripts' Issues pages have no indication of what's wrong. Your "reminder" is the first and only notice I've seen that they're not kosher.

I'm glad you're feeling helpful about testing my upload issues, but that's small comfort compared to the fact you were ready to delete my entire account without visible warning or recourse. Pardon me for skimming the TOS and assuming that no rights reserved counted as open-source - but your standard operating procedure for handling that sounds hostile and self-defeating. Why comment ever if you're immediately going to delete the only place I'd see that comment?

All it would've taken was "Hey, 'public domain' doesn't count, please re-read the TOS," and I'd have changed it to MIT as soon as possible. The approach you've chosen is wasting time and patience for both of us while also damaging your site's utility as a source of content.

I had three scripts on this site, and now have two. I'm reasonably certain I didn't accidentally hit the gigantic orange DELETE SCRIPT button while editing in the new version. The URL (https://openuserjs.org/scripts/Ezalias/Ezas_Image_Glutton) 404s. If there's any kind of un-delete function or user history, I can't find it, since clicking my own name just leads to my blank Profile, and there's only one setting on the Preferences page. Obviously there's no Issues page to check.

Even if it's gone forever - a mild annoyance, but unsurprising given how prominent the apparently unsecured DELETE SCRIPT button is - I can't re-upload the same script. Selecting a file to upload has never worked. Copy-pasting into the online editor worked for the three scripts I had, and was the only way I could update these scripts, but now that doesn't work either.