C0NPAQ Author

The mfu_in_order trick doesn't work anymore!

There is still a way to get all of a channels video in one playlist:

If you go to the channel by hand and click Videos->Uploads->All Uploads->Play all. Its so stupidly clickmazely hidden and sometimes the "Uploads" button is missing all together, so then you can't do it.

It was so awesome with my JS trick, the channels videos would load all the time if you didn't already play a playlist and you would realize that the dumbbratz autoplay was just so superfluous and dumb. Now with mfu_in_order dropped, its all you have and its so shitty and annoying watching the same 5 videos every other video. Just dumb.

What retarded BS, maybe if you fuck with the Youtube API, whatever. I'm not doing THAT.