BigTSDMB Author

When the YouTube video has chapters (e.g., the aspect ration button does not appear. In fact, the entire ytp-center-controls class does not appear, and Chrome's inspector shows it is below the frame.

I had to add in a workaround that just prepends 'ytp-arc-listandytp-arc-buttonto theytp-right-controls` class. Doing this seems to work whether the video has chapters or not.

Your @include appears to be exactly identical in functionality to

// @match *://*

As a general rule, @match is more reliable and performant than using include regex. It's less likely to break, seeing as it's a part of the Chrome addon specification (and the newer WebExtensions spefication). It's also more widely supported on different UserScript engines. There have even been talks of removing the regex feature of @include.

You can read more about match patterns here.

It's annoying to me that I have to log in every time I come here. Chrome won't even remember my username, since you don't have a password box. So I even have to type in my username.

I'd prefer to just stay logged in. I'm still logged in on Github, so I should be logged in here.

(Apologies if this is the wrong forum: there doesn't seem to be any that are specifically for the OpenUserJS website instead of about the scripts. This looks the closest.)