Betsy25 User

Thanks for trying to help XFoxPrower,
unfortunately it looks like Youtube does something to disallow links from opening in a new tab.
I already had this script, which AFAIK should work for clicking thumbnails & video titles on the subscription page, I even saw the target='_blank' being added to the specific elements, but it somehow doesn't get picked up upon clicking any of them.

var Alink = document.getElementsByClassName('yt-uix-tile-link yt-ui-ellipsis yt-ui-ellipsis-2       spf-link ');
for (var i = Alink.length - 1; i > -1; i--)
   Alink[i].setAttribute("target", "_blank");


I would like to write a script that makes video links opened from the Youtube subscriptions page open in a new tab instead of the current, but I'm quite a noob at writing code.

Anyone able to give a helping hand please ?