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D&CA -> UK Politics -> Model House of Commons
The only sub forum which should be there is the division lobby.
You have included private sub forums for all the old Model EU parties. Which are now redundant.

Uni courses - you missed the subject sub-categories.
PS Help should not be a heading (the one after postgrad) since it isn't accessible (I've raised that forum as a big with Elk anyway). And instead you need Arts/Humanities sub-category. Then STEM, then medical and healthcare sub-category, then Social Sciences (After vet med).

You also missed the A Levels forum, which the Extended Project Sub should fall below.

Apart from that I don't see any other faults really. Apart from wondering whether your list will constantly adapt as sub-forums are appearing and disappearing.

I assume this is your personal settings. But when I go to move a thread the default on the thread move list is to the film forum. Ordinarily this should be to whichever forum the thread currently sits in. I imagine that's because you've gone with the existing code you have to move a thread out of the film forum, which puts film as the default setting.

I love the tidied forum list by the way. Just a few forums now missing.:p