zyenith / pancake mod | Katana + Musket | AUTOHEAL | Anti-Insta | starter resources and more!!


Version: v.10.6.4+e9d2cc5

Summary: This mod is not bad, its just ok. To know the controls, look in the description! Enjoy :>

Copyright: 2022, zyenith (https://openuserjs.org/users/zyenith) & w4it

License: MIT

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This mod is not a copy of SISI Hack.

I am the developer of SISI Hack.

This mod will be updated really rarely.


[ESC] Open Menu

[Arrow Right] Enable / Disable Auto-Hat

[Arrow Left] Enable / Disable Auto-Heal

[Arrow Up] Enable / Disable Auto Chat

[Arrow Down] Enable / Disable Auto Clan

[Insert] Open / Close Music-Menu


Auto - Heal

Anti - Insta

Anti - Poison (Equips Anti - Venom gear to prevent poison damage.)

360 Hit (Hits in all directions.)

Anti - Trap

Auto - Break Trap

Anti - Boost Spike

Auto - Replace (DO NOT USE.)


Regular Insta

Reverse InstaKill

Age 1 InstaKill

Bow InstaKill

CX InstaKill

How to get Katana & Musket.

Method #1:

#1: Reach Age 9 (Note: Do NOT choose the crossbow at age 8 and do NOT select anything at age 9).

#2: Press the key 'del(ete)'.

Method #2:

#1: Choose “short sword” at AGE 2, later at AGE 8 katana.

#2: Reach AGE 9 (Note: Do NOT choose anything).

#3: Press the key 'L'.

How to do an Insta - kill:

#1: Hold your musket for 2 - 3 seconds. (You can also use a bow to do this insta - kill, however, you will need hats such as “Bull Helmet” or “Turret Gear”.)

#2: Choose your primary weapon and press “R”.

Key Commandos:

[Left-Mouse-Click] Bull, then biome hat.

[Right-Mouse-Click] Tank, then biome hat.

Insta - kill keys:

[R] Normal Insta

[Y] Reverse Insta

[Space] CX Insta (IF active.)

[L] Bow Insta (However this could work as age 1 insta.)


[N] Enable / Disable Auto - Mill

[O] Places 5 WindMills

[V] Places 1 Spike

[P] Places 4 Spikes

[F] Places 1 Trap or BoostPad

[I] Places 4 Traps or BoostPads

[H] Places 2 Turrets/Teleporter (Can also place bridges, blockers.etc)

[G] BoostPad + Spike

Hat Macro:

[T] Bull Helmet

[Z] Tank Gear

[K] Spike Gear

[U] Turret Gear

[B] Solider Helmet

[J] Empire Helmet

[<] Flipper Hat

[,] Snow Cap

[Shift] Booster Hat

[M] Biome Hat (Booster Hat, Flipper Hat, Snow Cap. Monkey tail will also be equipped.)

Auto - Upgrade:

[Del] Katana + Musket (Age 9 or higher.)

[Insert] Polearm + Musket (Age 9 or higher, you need “Tool Hammer”.)

[1/NumPad] Katana

[9/NumPad] Spinning Spikes (Age 9) and Power Mill (Age 8)


License / Terms / Privacy: https://ksw2-center.glitch.me/

Enjoy! :D ```

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