zerodytrash / Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass


Version: 2.5.7+5d05b7f updated

Summary: Watch age restricted videos on YouTube without login and without age verification 😎



License: MIT

A very simple to use userscript to bypass YouTube's age verification.

How it works

This extension uses some API tricks to access age-restricted videos from YouTube anonymously. As a fallback (in case that the API bypass methods does not work) an open source Account Proxy Server is used. This allows you to watch all types of age-restricted videos on YouTube and YouTube Music without age verification and without the need to be signed in.

All videos will be unlocked automatically!


  1. Install a userscript manager (browser extension) of your choice:



    Greasemonkey (Firefox only)

  2. Add this script by clicking the install button.


Feel free to share your improvements on GitHub:

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