zackad / mKaskus Spoiler Enabler


Version: 0.3.7+4e3df7e updated

Summary: Spoiler di m.kaskus layaknya versi desktop


Copyright: 2015-2016, zackad

License: MIT


Hadirkan fitur spoiler yang bisa dibuka-tutup ke m.kaskus layaknya versi desktop.

Development and other version can be found on Github.


  • buka/tutup spoiler by click
  • hilangkan link preview abu2
  • toggle spoiler with Shift+X hotkey
  • last page link added on myforum page
  • redirect link removed
  • convert kaskus link to wap version
  • Load image link by click*
  • Show image size before load*
  • Show decimal point on image size*

*: aktif ketika show image dalam kondisi off

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