xthexder / Wide Github


Version: 1.4.1+99855ee updated

Summary: Change all Github repository and gist pages to be full width and dynamically sized.


Homepage: https://github.com/xthexder/wide-github

Support: https://github.com/xthexder/wide-github/issues

Copyright: 2013+, xthexder (https://github.com/xthexder)

License: MIT; https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xthexder/wide-github/master/LICENSE

This user script changes all github repository pages to be full width and dynamically sized.

This can be installed as a chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store

The latest script can be found here (on github): wide-github.user.js

Issues can be submitted here: https://github.com/xthexder/wide-github/issues

Please note the OpenUserJS.org script has moved here

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