xsanda / Strava route planner: GPX import


Version: 0.1.1+555d5d3 updated

License: MIT

Libraries Used

This script is no longer needed, as the functionality has been built into Strava itself.

Strava route planner: GPX import

Got a GPS track from another service you’d like to import into Strava as a route? With this tweak you can simply drop it onto the routebuilder page, and it will be imported ready for use. This means it can be followed when recording in the Strava mobile app.

This is a user script, for use with TamperMonkey for Chrome/GreaseMonkey for Firefox. Only install scripts you trust, and read the source code to verify the script is not doing anything unexpected.


Once this script is installed, drag and drop your GPX file onto the New Route page, or click the button to import a GPX route.


  • The route will be created as either a cycling or running route, depending on what you have selected in the route builder on the left panel. This should default to your profile’s default sport.
  • The route name will be taken from the name in GPX file. This can then be edited by clicking on the edit button.
  • The route itself cannot be easily edited, because it does not follow OpenStreetMap paths. Any attempt to do so will mean Strava’s routing API will take over to find the best route from start to finish, ignoring anything from the imported route. (In future the imported file could be broken into legs, so that any edits would only cause that leg to be rerouted?)
  • This has not been tested with every possible GPX file, please let me know if it doesn’t work with yours (u/xsanda).

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