xsanda / GeoGuessr keyboard controls


Version: 0.1.3+95f4cd3 updated

Summary: Offer keyboard controls for using GeoGuessr: Enter where applicable, and typing country codes/backspace/escape to clear when playing on country mode.

License: MIT

Libraries Used

GeoGuessr keyboard controls

Allow GeoGuessr to be controlled by the keyboard.

  • Enter makes a guess, or advances to the next round.
  • On a country-mode game (streak/battle royale), typing a country code selects it, escape clears any typed input, and backspace deletes the last character.
  • To avoid an unfair advantage of not knowing where a country is, but knowing its code, the country mode only allows selection of a country you have previously clicked on (while the extension has been installed). It works by simply selecting the same location as your last click in that country.
  • When you click on a country, it will show you its country code in the top right of the map, next to the flag, so you can remember it.

This is a user script, for use with TamperMonkey for Chrome/GreaseMonkey for Firefox. Only install scripts you trust, and read the source code to verify the script is not doing anything unexpected.

This script uses localStorage to store the countries you have clicked on. This is never cleared, but only stores one coordinate pair for each country.


This script has been tested on the latest version of Google Chrome and Firefox on Mac. Please let me know by Reddit, Discord or email if it does not work for your setup.

This script is dependent on the structure of GeoGuessr, and so if the site is significantly rebuilt, it will stop working.


0.1.2 (2020-12-28): Refactor to remove access to guesser function
0.1.1 (2020-12-28): Fix error with backspace and escape on other pages
0.1.0 (2020-12-26): Initial release

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