Install / Getalinstellingen


Version: 1.0.2+f1f9bb2 updated

Summary: Transform number formatting on webpages

License: MIT

"Getalinstellingen" is Dutch for "number settings".

This script converts Arabic numerals to Hebrew numerals where possible.

Current capacities:

  • Arabic numerals 1 - 9999 to Hebrew numerals

Planned capacities:

  • numbers with commas to delineate groups of thousand (like 2,000)
  • truncated rendering e.g. "don't render thousands"
  • settings block at top of script for more comfy DIY'ing
  • consistent language in

Outside project scope:

  • over nine thousands
  • detection of rational,numbers
  • detection of SI notations (a times ten to the power of)
  • Hebrew numerals to anything
  • interaction with spelled-out numbers in either direction

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