untoreh / mynoise.net reloader


Version: 1.01+aa1dc8c updated

Summary: reload frames in mynoise.net once every 60secs

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

mynoise.net reloader

Reload the iframes of the supergenerator which stacks up to 5 iframes. Currently mynoise.net limits loops download to 1 per minute.


Make sure to not load any other mynoise loops while loading a stack since the script is pretty dumb.


Rewrite with this logic:

list = iframes list
iframesNum = list.length

while iframesNum > 0 do
  get first non null element in iframes list
  when iframe loaded do
    get iframe html
      if text of tag "message" does not match "Now Playing || Loading"
        reload iframe
        sleep 1 minute
        unset iframe index from list
        iframesNum = iframesNum - 1

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