uncleLukie / gwiddyingRN


Version: 0.2+a7e6581

Summary: Remove YouTube's ad blocker popup and unpause the video

License: GPL-3.0-or-later; https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt


hey there! so you're tired of that annoying "ad blocker detected" popup on youtube, right? this script gets rid of it and even hits play on the video for you. 🎉

how to get this running

  1. first off, get tampermonkey from here.
  2. open the tampermonkey dashboard and hit "create a new script".
  3. delete whatever's there and paste the script code.
  4. hit save. done!

how to make sure it's on

  • the script should be on by default. if not, there's a toggle next to its name in the dashboard. flip it on.

what's it doing, anyway?

  • uses something called MutationObserver to keep an eye on youtube's page changes.
  • finds that pesky popup by its code signature and yeets it into the void.
  • hits the play button for you. you're welcome.

that's all! enjoy your youtube binge. 🍿

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