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Version: 1.03+e888b4c updated

Summary: This script was made in response of the biased MSM "fake news" list

License: MIT;

Backup + Guide

Why was this created?

As of a few weeks ago, there has been a regurgitation biased hysteria and propaganda of "fake news" by the establishment, SJW's, MSM, and "journalists". There was also in conjunction but not directly related(?), an extension that alerted a popup, on websites that can actually be trusted more so, than the ones the extension didn't blacklist.

What does it do?

  1. It simply alerts you of a popup on websites known for historical propaganda. This includes but not limited to: politically motivated lying, partial truths, exclusion of important world news, racism and/or sexism.
  2. For, it will highlight posts from known associated accounts and alike in red.

How do I install it?

  1. It's been tested for the browser Firefox(click to download). Firefox is if not the best web browser available, aside or above Chrome. And of course Internet Explorer is the worst.
  2. Simply click Add to Firefox button here(firefox extension link). Also, TamperMonkey is available for chrome, but this script isn't tested for it.
  3. Just simply click the top-right blue button Install on this page, to install this script.

Info and Videos about the inspiration for this script
Disclaimer: This script doesn't necessarily reflect the entirety of a whole site or user

Terms of use
I don't mind if you use this for free, or edit it for your needs, just please don't pass this off as your own, edit it to pass it off as your own, or re-engineer it for purposes in direct contradiction of why this script was written.

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