/ Add button for Smooth Scroll to the top / bottom


Version: 2015.6.8+90c293e

Summary: 为页面添加按钮,平滑的滚动到顶部/底部

License: MIT;

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add 2 bottons in the page which can 【goTop】 and 【goBtm】
Script Feature:
1,it's not reached the top or bottom immediately , but rather accelerate change(Smooth)
2,it will automatically hide to the right, point to the original location, it will restore location
3,And there is no external links, safe to eat
4,When the age does not has scroll bar, and it will not show untill the window is resized when scroll bars appear , the buttons also appear.
5, there is the keyboard shortcut 【Ctrl + ↑】 【Ctrl + ↓】, and increase the blacklist mechanism, press 【Ctrl + F2】 to call out the panel.
6, reading mode (double-click scrolling, click Stop scrolling), To disable press 【Ctrl + F2】 to call out the panel, for modification, search "readmode (1,20)",readmode (1,20) of 1,20 mean 20ms rolling 1px;
Ps:Chrome and Firefox tests are normal. If something unusual, try upgrading your browser

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