techlover0010 / 3D BH


Version: 1.22+a952d13 updated

Summary: Add 360 3D item and user spin arounds!

License: MIT

I have made this extension to add 3D spin-around items in Brick Hill!


  • See the item in Full 3D
    Press the 3D button to engage 3D.
    To disengage, press the 2D button to see a static image.

  • Try on ANYTHING in the shop!
    Press the "Try On" button to try a hat on.
    Press Reset to remove the hat.

  • See Full 3D views for all of the catalog items, including shirts, t-shirts and pants!

  • Full 3D Support for Users too!

If you encounter any issues, please let me know!


If you see that your avatar is old, or not all the hats/tools are there, its because I am using the new API for Brick Hill, and the database is not updated regularly. If you have a newer avatar most likely it is not in the database and it will go to the old API which has lack of support.

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