stixmaster / Chaturbate Enhanced


Version: 5.2.2+7b1563f updated

Summary: No Ads, Change Colors, Add Fav. Model Tab, Remove Profile Spam & Annoying Chat Tip GIFs, Deletes Exhibitionist Cams & More...


License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Fork History:

Chaturbate Enhanced

This was forked originally from the Chaturbate Pink script, all the credit should go to the original author of that script as he put in a tremendous amount of work in getting everything working. I simply tweaked it and enhanced it. This script is geared more for Transsexual cams but I suppose can be forked and tweaked to your preferences.

Also, I must give credit where credit is due for the hard work of others that I do appreciate and have forked sections from to include in this script. Another great creator of some awesome scripts I wanted to point out goes by the name of marvinate. Check out his page on OpenUserJS by clicking on his name, he has 4 scripts available which are all great and enhance the experience on a few cam sites. I used some of his functions in my script which were of tremendous help, I've listed them in the initial upload of the change-log.

**NOTE: When entering colors into the settings window, only enter hex values for the color code. Do not enter in the # **

If you also help out being a mod for models, have the model run my bot called Grey Behave which helps keep the chat a lot cleaner by simply muting all grey users from being rude, nasty, disrespectful, demanding, spamming, foul, cursing, etc... Makes it easier for the mod to help keep chat clean and fun, can only be run by the broadcasting models as one of their bots in their settings where they can choose their app and 3 different bots


Update on 1/8/2021

  • Fixed the follow tab not showing properly
Update on 7/14/2019
  • Added a function to check all available video qualities in a room and select the highest quality possible
Update on 7/13/2019
  • Fixed the Followed tab alignment on the nav bar
  • Changed the cursor to pointer when hovering over links
Update on 2/8/2017
  • Returned the FEMALE, MALE & SPY SHOW tabs so it's not stuck only on TRANS
  • Added a combobox in the settings where you can select different fonts for nav bar
  • Added a few extra sections of the site to the exclusions list to correct display bugs
  • Made the header thinner so the nav bar fits properly in the middle & looks cleaner
Update on 5/11/2016
  • Added some more profile spam graphics to be removed
  • Added a REFRESH tab for a quick way to refresh the page which on CB is necessary to do often
Update on 5/4/2016
  • Fixed up the nav-bar\top-section\tabs appearance to be more visually pleasant
  • Finally fixed the scrollbar to appear properly in chat consistently
  • Added a function to remove the stupid Chatroom title subject tool-tip window that gets stuck open sometimes
  • Reorganized some sections of code for optimal execution so pages load smoother
Update on 5/2/2016
  • Added a function that runs on a timer to remove the annoying graphics that harass you for tips
  • Now also removes any "sissy" cams along with Exhibitionist cams. SORRY NOT SORRY, NOT INTO SISSIES!
  • Added a function to remove the Google tracking script from pages
Update on 4/26/2016
  • Added the JSColor library which adds a color selection box to make it easier to find color codes to use in Settings
  • Some jQuery code optimization for faster loading of the cam previews page
  • Removed sections of code to reduce size of script
Update on 4/22/2016
  • Some misc. UI optimizations with the chat window sizing
  • Some misc. coding fixes for smoother page loading
Update on 4/21/2016
  • Moved the Settings link to only show on main site or when previewing Trans category cams
  • Adjusted cam preview page to be wider
  • Corrected the chat window width so scroll bar on right shows correctly
Update on 4/9/2016
  • Corrected a bug where Settings link would show up over videos from My Collection
  • Added more items to be removed from profile spam graphics on model profiles
Update on 4/2/2016
  • Removed the SCAN CAMS/NEXT CAM tabs from page
  • Included more spam graphic checks to remove the annoying graphics some models have on their profiles that ruin the look of the site
  • Some misc. JavaScript code cleanup of old functions, variables and etc...
  • Added GPLv3 License for this script
Update on 3/29/2016
  • Corrected the cams preview page of thumbnails, added some padding on the right side
  • Added a 1px thin border around all cam previews for better appearance
  • Added a function to remove any names\descriptions with the word "boy" in them. Not interested in dudes or their cams!
  • Reduced frequency of when EXHIBITIONIST cams will be removed down to 1000ms so they're instantly removed in infinite scroll
Update on 3/21/2016
  • *CRITICAL BUG FIX* - Corrected the bug of randomly being redirected all over the site at random times, 100% FIXED!!
Update on 3/16/2016
  • Updated jQuery from version 1.11.1 to 1.12.0
  • Added a function that runs on a timer to delete EXHIBITIONIST cams from showing at all
  • Added a "noads" cookie which updates to expire 6 hours after creation like it does for Supporter accounts
  • Removed the token price label from model profile photos\videos thumbnails, looks much cleaner for a the tiny thumbnails
  • Updated the default coloring theme for the site in case all the cookies are erased so it doesn't go back to dull colors
Update on 2/14/2016
  • Fixed chat window bug to re-size chat window so send\follow buttons aren't overlapped by scroll bars
  • Some misc. coding optimizations, removed some functions, corrected some syntax
Update on 1/16/2016
  • Added the testbed to @include for running script in test environment for app\bot developers
  • Added a check for saved model name from settings, if not set, new tab won't be created
  • Corrected the path to hide featured tab so Chat Rooms link remains visible on top
  • Removed EARN FREE TOKENS from header nav-bar
  • Removed BLOG from header nav-bar
  • Removed TAGS from header nav-bar
  • Removed misc. annoying spam graphics from showing(amazon,instagram,twitter,flagcounter,etc..
  • Removed the "Chaturbating" label from room preview pictures of model cams
Initial Upload
  • Removed male-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed female-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed couple-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed featured-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed couple-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed spy-on-cams tab from nav bar
  • Removed male-cams tab from nav bar
  • Added ability to specify favorite model so her cam gets added as a tab
  • Removed #totop autoscrolling button
  • Some misc. bug fixes to clean up some errors from original script
  • Added a Close button to the Settings window near the Save button
  • Added comment labels to separate code sections to make reading the code easier for anyone in the future
  • Added function removeEBP, it lists all the elements to be removed & called at beginning of script
  • Added the MV_removeElementsByPath function from marvinate's script
  • Added the MV_createButton function from marvinate's script
  • Added the MV_createElement function from marvinate's script
  • Added the MV_sendRequest function from marvinate's script
  • Removed the entire footer section of the website completely
  • Re-centered the nav-tabs to be in the middle of the screen instead of on the left
  • Removed the lock watermark covering the preview thumbnail to better view the thumbnail

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