steamfaucet / Unlimited Instant Paying Faucets Script


Version: 0.6+1b4126f updated

Summary: Unlimited Instant Paying Faucets Script

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

The script lets you access more than 100 faucets with recaptcha and hcaptcha.
You need to set the configuration in the code before starting.
You can also set the number of browser tabs to be opened at once.
You can either solve the captchas manually or use solvers.
For shortlinks, please use shortlinks script.
You will need the following solvers to claim the faucets automatically.

  1. Recaptcha Solver Free
  2. Hcaptcha Solver Free
  3. ABlinks Solver
  4. Icon Captcha Solver


  1. It is recommended to create a new profile in the browser since it auto closes all other windows.
  2. After installing the script and setting the configuration, visit and allow pop ups for this tab and you will see the websites being opened.
  3. If you wish to further filter the faucets which are not working, you may uncheck the websites from the list of faucets. The first checkbox will uncheck all the faucets from the list. You can choose which ones you want to run.

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